Young explorers

Young Explorers is a center for playful and purposeful learning for homeschoolers and other leading edge learners in the Reno/Sparks area. 


Supplemental Classes for homeschoolers and students enrolled in online charter schools or other home-based programs.    Check our co-op page and events page for more information or email Carol at for more information.

Space for homeschoolers to get together for clubs, classes, events, and activities. Facility use is available for homeschool groups at a rate of $1 per participant per hour with a minimum of $10 an hour. Contact Carol for more information at or call 775-997-8114

Art, literacy, and science programs for all families in our community.

Thematic birthday parties. (Coming Soon)

Curriculum and resources for homeschoolers to borrow for use in their own home. 

Upcoming events

130 W. Gepford Pkwy

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