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2018-2019 Co-op

Updating in progress stay tuned...

Welcome to the leading edge of education! I offer supplemental classes for homeschoolers in a "hybrid" school environment which offers all the freedom and flexibility of homeschooling with the benefits of group learning.  

I'll be focusing on a different subject or theme each day or half-day.  I prefer not to continually switch subjects throughout the day. This also allows homeschoolers to pick which subjects or themes they'd like to join in on. You can choose to join in for one or as many days as you'd like for the school year. 

 You can drop-off or hang out with your kiddos. I welcome students of all ages who might be interested in attending. Typically, my students range from 6-12 years old. The one-room schoolhouse is alive and well in Sun Valley, Nevada!

I'm still playing with the schedule for 2018-2019, so these are subject to change...

Mondays -  Math games -9:30-12:00, Lunch/Playtime 12:00-1:00PM,  Spanish 1:00-3:00PM  (first semester) French 1:00-3:00 (second semester)

Tuesdays - 9:30-2:30 -  First Semester: The World Above and Beyond - An integrated, thematic unit on Earth, Moon, Sun, Stars, Planets, Seasons, and Weather. This unit will incorporate science, art, language arts, stem,  and social studies. 

Second Semester: Amazing Animals - An integrated, thematic unit on all things animals. 

Wednesdays -  Story of the World Volume 2 - Medieval Times (not sure if I want to do all day or save the afternoon for art or music or maybe arts/crafts to go along with the topic from our sotw)

Thursdays - First Semester: The Land We Live On - An integrated thematic unit on geology, rocks, gardening.

Second Semester: The Human Body

Fridays -  Home Means Nevada - An integrated, thematic year filled with history, geography, science, art, language arts, and field trips to enhance our love for our state. As we explore our beautiful state, students will be investigating and researching other states for state reports and presentations at the end of each semester.

Every co-op day/subject area will include a number of homework "opportunities" to extend that subject learning throughout the week. These options are completely up to you to work on or not depending on your own needs in your homeschool. Some students may be doing another full curriculum at home and using these co-op days simply as a group learning extension. Others may want to use these classes as a launching point to drive their own curriculum at home so I provide a lot of resources if they choose that path.  Each family's homeschool situation is unique, so there are no homework requirements on my end. 

Registration, Dates, and Fees:

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