Young Explorers


"Carol Williams of Young Explorers is a talented, wise, and creative teacher. She's one of the most experienced, heartfelt, generous people I know. My kids (ages 19, 17, 15, 12, 9, & 6) have benefited from her writing, science and art classes many times during the last 10 years. So have I because she not only inspires her students, but the mothers as well.  I enthusiastically recommend her programs, either as a full curriculum, a few subjects or supplemental courses. What a fabulous home school resource we have here in Reno & Sparks!" -Eve McNeil

"My kids love their classes at Young Explorers!  There are plenty of varied activities, group discussions, and hands-on applications.  Those who work more quickly can apply their new knowledge to personal projects, or spend time outside.  Those who work more slowly are given time to focus in on projects and give their best efforts.  My kids are very different from each other, yet they both look forward to their Young Explorers classes each week, and come home excited about their new knowledge and skills.  Thanks Carol for a fantastic program!" - Carol Woods

"Young Explorers is where fun and learning take charge! Teacher Carol is excellent at balancing the needs of the kids and making learning an exploration for all!" - Iris Peppard

"I have a 12-yr old with a bit of social anxiety. From the moment we walked into YE, that anxiety melted away. 
Friendly kids, inspiring classes and an AMAZING teacher. Miss Carol has a way of keeping the kids interested and engaged through fascinating content and incredibly fun activities. My kiddo genuinely looks forward to every class!" - Britney Murkovich

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